Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Someone's Gonna Get Hurt

Legs flailed. Arms flailed. Feet tripped over themselves. Dancing was scary as we learned not even a dance but two steps that would later be in the dance: an anchor step named so because it looks like an anchor (it doesn't) and a vine with a heel skip thing (not the exact name). Lady with the hair clip knew it already. She helped Jean figure out where the dance started with the music. She also became the woman the new women watched to get the dance. It wasn't very fast but it was a lot of steps and so there was a lot of everyone turned in different directions. At one point, Jean laughed to herself (out loud) and said to herself (out loud), if only you saw what I see. Then she said out loud, we should do that again since you're all facing different directions. The hardest part of the dance was not watching everyone else. Watching everyone else meant not doing the dance right since everyone was kind of doing their own thing.

This dance is in the top four line dances on Jean's mysterious list of all time world wide dances. She said next week we'd be learning number one. Exciting. We're on the cutting edge.

At one point, Jean put on the music and we started dancing. When we finished the first wall, everyone in front of me and S stopped dancing so we stopped, too. Then I saw the clique was still dancing. The blonde (of course) yelled out, Come on where are the girls, now?

Take note: one of the new women, the one who knows the woman who lent me the pen, brings her daughter with her. That would be a girl, right? So if S and I are girls, that would make the girl an embryo, no?

When people kept messing up, blonde said, Just because I'm in the front doesn't mean I know what I'm doing so don't watch me! That somehow caused some mumbling that somehow caused everyone to point to the back at S and me and say that they'd follow us. Great. This was just great.

We went over Martini Time again, which prompted S to ask, Where exactly is Yolanda? (listen to the song--I don't think there's an answer, but there is a lot of questioning).

We went over the second song from last week after that called This and That.

For some reason, the first time we step touch, Jean sways her arms back and forth over head. The rest of the step touches don't get any arm sways. The arm swaying really screws up some people. That leads to more flailing. I really thought someone was going to fall. I wanted to tell one of the women who stood behind us last week that she could probably improve if she just would make her steps smaller. S was like, maybe you should tell her that now. I was like, wouldn't that be rude? S answered, It would be safer. I wound up laughing and not telling her.

Then the woman danced into a wall.

We did the Latin dance from last session that we learned again the first class and then we did Come Dance With Me again, which is old but I really enjoy it.

I had to share this particular video because I need to get that woman's outfit for next week's class.

When Jean put on the music for Pontoon again, half the class decided it was time to stand around, check cell phones, and chat. It was really weird and distracting. After the dance Fun Hair Clip asked if I remembered any of the dances from last session. I said I'd remember them if Jean put on the music. She asked, Like Caballero? That was a good one!

All I remember is that Caballero was a really really long song, so I said so. She was like, Yes it is long! I guess she thought I meant long as a good thing as in it's such a great dance and we get to dance it a really long time.

Then, being ambitious, Jean decided to teach a brand new waltz. It was very similar to waltzes we've done before. S was like, You know this dance, to me. I was like, no, it's new. We went back and forth. She bet me five dollars. I was like, I don't have five dollars. She was like, You're good for it. So we bet.

When Jean came to the back to teach the second wall, I asked, Is this new? She said, Yes it is but it seems like the others, doesn't it? Then she laughed and walked away. I looked at S: You owe me five dollars. She insisted that the dance was not new even though Jean said it was. Then the music came on and she was like, Yeah, we've never done this one.

Meanwhile, the two women having a hard time picking up the steps were now forced to learn a three-count waltz. There was a lot of turning the wrong way. The front row had a lot of not doing the third step and holding instead of moving. However, no one danced into a wall and no one fell over, so that worked out well. Safety first!

With two minutes left, Jean was like, I'm going to put on a dance for those of you who know it and I'm not going to teach it.

Ha hah ah ha ha ha hah ha ha. I love Jean.

The clique turned to us and was like, Girls? Bossa nova?

I shrugged her back a sure and S smirked an okay. It's not like we had any say. They love that dance and we kind of know it. We never officially learned it but we catch on by the end. I fake it pretty well. Surprisingly, even the people who didn't know it at all picked up some of it. Well, maybe not, but they were turning the right way. Most of the time. We'll see how it goes next week because in addition to the top dance on all the charts of all time ever, Jean will be reteaching the bossa nova and perhaps burying Pontoon.

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