Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moth Dance Challenge

Going over the same dances week after week can sometimes be boring. The challenges need to come from other source. The hand-dance challenge S and I invented was exciting, but that can't sustain the level of excitement all the time. Thankfully, a semi-warm night and some open windows in the dance room offered a different challenge. Enter the moths.

Moths are icky. They float. They flitter. They meander around the air, all drunken-like. So during a dance that doesn't necessarily have any particular hand movements, some of the dancers, including S and me, were flailing our arms around. Moth attack! Moth attack!

Jean? Was oblivious to any of this.

Also oblivious? The woman across the room whom S still thinks has never attended a class before even though she's attended almost all of them.

Everyone else was on a steady path of moth avoiding. At one point, during a dance that involved kicking, S had a moth flying around her feet and then swiftly dive down to the floor and play dead. I was laughing hysterically. S was thinking I was laughing at her until the music ended and I was able to point out the pretend dead moth. How did I know it was pretending? She stepped near it and it wiggled and wriggled its way back up into the air and swept itself away.

To keep the fun going, Jean put on the Rod Stewart song so we could dance Chronomatic. Is that the name of the dance? In my mind, yes. In the real world, no. I stated this name to S and she was like, it's called Auto Moves. Like that makes any more sense. She asked where I'd come up with Chronomatic and I really didn't know. As we danced, I pointed out, hey! It totally fits into the hook!

"Bring over some of your old motown records" becomes "bring over some of that old chronomatic!!!" Ahh, Rod Stewart is fun.

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