Saturday, April 14, 2012

Solo Dance, Solo Audience

When S and I walked into dance class, we happened upon everyone already dancing to Unbreak My Heart (not the ballad by Toni Braxton, but the rock version by whatshisface). Class had started early because, as Jean explained, it was hot. What was the logic in that? I'm not sure. The room was pretty warm, but dancing makes you warmer. Wouldn't starting later make it better in the hopes that the room would cool off the longer the sun was down?

Anyway, Unbreak My Heart is a dance we've already learned so as Jean taught the steps, I pointed my feet to the side automatically and Jean said, yes like that. And I turned red. A compliment from Jean! Okay, not so much a compliment but she acknowledged I was doing it right!

The we learned Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. It was actually pretty tricky. S wasn't feeling well, so she was sitting out to the side and without her next to me learning it, it was difficult. I kept saying that to her--this is actually tricky! She kept saying back, But it looks fun! It was fun.

A bit later on, the Asian woman who dances in front of us asked S, What's wrong with you? I swear, that's exactly how she said it. Not, Are you feeling okay? Not, Aww, what happened? Not, Hey why aren't you dancing? Nope, just simply, What's wrong with you?

S responded that her stomach hurt. The woman said, Oh, too bad, and walked away.

We had already started the waltz when I burst out laughing and could not stop. S was kind of laughing off to the side. I had to catch my breath to tell her what she had also already thought of. I was like, you know, you SHOULD have told her, I don't know that dance. S told me I was going to Hell as that comment followed the comment about how certain shirts can't be worn in close succession because they are memorable as I looked at the shirt the woman was wearing and just knew she'd worn it the week before because it has a sparkly sequin vest attached to it and how is that not memorable.

After my laugh-a-thon, Jean had finished re-teaching the waltz, so she put the music on. S decided to keep herself occupied by recording me dance and sending it to Eddie. As I danced, she had another laugh attack. I didn't know why until she called me over to look at the footage. She was like, you're dancing by yourself. The waltz allows for you to take up a lot of room. I was in the back corner and expanded my dance space because I'm comfortable with the dance. And so, the recording makes it look like I'm all by myself dancing in a big brown room with a white tile floor. It was actually kind of sad-ish.

The night ended on an upswing when Jean put on Something in the Water. S and I are convinced there's supposed to be a spin, and so I added one and it made it that much more wonderful. I did it only on the wall where no one could see me so that I didn't confused anyone, which is yet another way to make friends.

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