Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Speaking Of Hair Band Videos

This is the video S thought of when I mentioned my search for windy models through 80s and 90s music on YouTube.

My instincts urge me to discuss the suspenders coupled with leather pants. However, since Janie Lane has sadly passed on recently, I will refrain from my usual snark.

I will instead discuss how this video does not come to my mind when I think of windblown video girls. This is the video I think of when I think about:

1. Pie

2. Cherries

3. Cherry Pie

4. Getting sprayed down with a fire engine hose that is not strong enough to push you down but is strong enough to get you sopping wet, apparently much to your delight

5. How guys think a girl would enjoy getting sprayed down by anything coming out of a hose

6. Scary fake smiles

7. Songs with bad lyrics for which the bad lyrics go unnoticed because everyone remembers the video with the happy girl who gets sprayed by a firehose and then licks things

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