Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Putting On The Moves

Two voices of seduction emerged at dance class. After reviewing several dances we already know, Jean put on some music that was new. Sometimes Jean goes into her own world and dances by herself without explaining anything. I used to think she was rehearsing the steps in her mind before teaching us how to do the dance. Then I realized that sometimes she simply likes to dance. Alone.

This time, she didn't really do a dance. She bobbed her head a few times. Then she turned to the two women from the Clique. She slowly moved her shoulders from side to side and then up and around. The bottom half of her body wasn't doing much. She asked, Do you like this?

The two women's faces responded before their words could. Their faces said: We're confused. We're not sure what "this" is. If you're asking if we like what you're doing with your body, the answer is that your movement is making us uncomfortable. We think you're trying to pick us up. We're going to say "yes" now, because this is getting even more uncomfortable and we think that's the answer you want to hear.

They then said, Yes, sure, it sounds easy, in the hopes that Jean was referring to the music.

S and I were totally in each other's brains because she said what I was thinking. It kind of reminded us of this:

After learning Bajo La Luna, which means Under The Moon (nine years of Spanish at work here, people!), we danced it maybe twice. Every second 8-count was the same, which makes the dance seem easy because you keep repeating. Really, it makes it harder because you have to remember, Did I just do the first second 8-count or the second second 8-count? That means I found myself spinning in a complete circle, rather quickly, and facing the wrong way.

This kinda makes me want to dance in a park.

I actually did that exact same more once more when we went over Love Letter Waltz, at which point S pointed out how we are horrible people because no one laughs at us when we clearly mess up, yet we laugh at everyone else, especially when they forget to restart Homeward Bound in the middle and go off in a flying step across the room when everyone else is slowly moving forward and backwards. To which I responded, they don't laugh because they don't see us because they are watching their own feet for the most part. But yes, we are horrible people. Me especially since I put my head down and laugh hysterically instead of holding it in, which in all reality is impossible and if not achieving the impossible makes me a horrible person then so be it.

Next, S and I were seduced by the idea of Scottish Folk Dance. A woman who has been in all the sessions with us asked if we had ever heard of it. At first S went to say she's seen Michael Flatley Lord Of The Dance but then realized he's Irish, so no. The woman explained that it's very intricate and as you learn it, it is difficult, but it looks very pretty and she wished more people did it, especially young people, meaning we should do it. It's a partner dance, which I do not like at all, but if we get to stick with the same partner and we don't have to touch anyone, then maybe I'd be interested.

Jean started French Toast at that point so the woman ran back to her spot and we started dancing. S hates French Toast, which makes me love it more. It's her Reggae Cowboy and Stupid Slow Broadway Song all rolled into one, and I delight in it. When S saw the woman talking to the Clique, she no longer felt special because she thought the woman was recruiting everyone for the Scottish dancing, not just us.

The woman came up to us after class also, though, to explain the musicality needed for the dance, I guess suggesting that we have musicality. We said we'd think about it. I said I'd look it up. It sounds intriguing. So maybe we'll become Scottish Folk Dancers. Maybe that's our true calling.

Until then, however, let's take a look back at the entire seduction of Chandler and Phoebe. My favorite part? 5:48--Show him your bra!

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