Monday, November 14, 2011

My Two Cents, Literally

To celebrate 11/11/11, Eddie and I decided to go on a date to see a movie. I still had money on my movie gift card and I still had money on my Visa birthday gift card. Cheap or free--that's the way to be. For a movie date, anyway.

When we got to the theatre, tweens and teens were everywhere. He wondered what was playing because these kids were way too old for Puss N Boots, weren't they? I noticed that Footloose was playing in two of the theatres. Sigh. Why can't they just replay the original?

Now we both have hearing problems. Talking to someone through a small hole in a plastic wall is not easy. I asked for two tickets to In Time. I handed over my movie goer card and my movie gift card. She slid it through and said something. I looked at the register and saw there was a balance, so I guessed she'd said the balance. I handed over the other card and she slid it through. She said something. I didn't know what she said, but Eddie handed her cash, figuring we had a balance. Then she held up two quarters. I shrugged. I did not know what this meant, but I knew it meant something because if she were simply giving us change, she would have slid it to us. I was like, Oh, do you have change? to Eddie. Maybe we needed to give her change.

She then said loudly, Oh, no, I don't need that; I have only quarters left. I looked at the register again. The change she owed us was something dollars and 52 cents. She had no pennies. Seriously? She handed us the quarters and our receipt and ripped our tickets for us because there was no ticket ripper and we were off.

We stood in one of two very long lines at the concession stand because Eddie likes to get popcorn and soda and M&Ms. You know, because it's so cheap at the movies, so why not. I realized that there were two registered open here. I told him that when he ordered, I was going to order two pennies.

As we waited--about ten minutes, no joke, as the guy behind the counter helping our line was clearly stoned and in slow motion--I noticed the other guy behind the counter was wearing a suit. He had to be the manager. I told Eddie I was going to ask the manager for two pennies. As we got up to the counter, the woman from the ticket booth came over and told the manager that the movie in theater five was playing half off the screen. I called out, And you're out of pennies! He said, I'll take care of it, as he scooped some popcorn into a bag. I think he was referring to the movie being off-screen, not to my penny problem.

We made our way to the theatre all the way in the back of the place. I remembered being there for another movie we saw and freezing my ass off because we sat towards the back and there was a cross breeze from the open door. We sat further up. Then we both noticed at the same time the front ten rows of the theatre. They were marked off with yellow police caution tape. I looked up and saw that some ceiling tiles were missing. Either there was a leak or there was a murder in those rows.

When the movie started, I was freezing. Eddie was freezing. The air conditioner was on full blast. The cold had nothing to do with a cross breeze apparently. He went to put his soda down and realized, This is the theatre with no cup holders! Then, about halfway through the movie (which was really good), he was wiggling around in his seat, completely uncomfortable. They are the most uncomfortable seats with no cushion on the seat part and no give in the back part so you sit straight up and down. Sitting on an airplane is more comfortable.

We got out of there as quickly as possible, moving like the elderly, once the movie was over. I thought that maybe, just maybe, my two pennies would go to a fund to refurbish and update the place so that the next time we go, we'll have a more comfortable experience and get extra change back.

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