Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Other One

I arrived at dance class alone as S was getting a ride straight from where she was and not staying around the corner as per our usual ritual. When I got there, which was not really early, I saw that only five people were there. Where was everyone? I went over to the side near the windows where we've been leaving our stuff and dancing. Then I saw the other people were parked across the room. Ah, making friends. It's my specialty.

A young Asian woman came in and sat down near where my stuff was and struck up a conversation. She first asked where my friend was. I said on her way. Then she asked how long we'd been dancing. So the two of us had a nice chat about our dance histories and how many dance classes at which levels we had taken with Jean. This nice chat was filled with me going, Hmm? What's that? and Say again? because she was a low talker with a slight accent and I'm deaf and distracted. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see Jean making a b-line for us. So I started talking frantically about dancing at the beach, nervous about Jean's approach.

Jean asked, What's your name again, Christine? I said, Yes, Christina (which should have been, No, Christina, but it's Jean so I just agree automatically). She then asked, and the other one of you is? Heh heh. When I relayed this to S later on, she was like, I'm the other one? I responded that if she were in class, I would be the other one. Jean reaffirmed the Asian woman's name, too, which I have now forgotten. Then it was off to dance.

We learned a few steps of a dance we did briefly two weeks prior as S approached the doors. Jean waved. S waved back. I waved feverishly and S rolled her eyes as she walked in. Early start? she asked. Yes, definitely. Even though early is on time, this was even earlier than that.

The class filled up pretty much after that and everyone seemed to be picking up on all the dances. S pointed out, well look who's not here. After a quick survey, I realized that Robot Dancer was not there, messing our side of the room up. However, during one particular dance, I did turn to find everyone facing different directions, doing different steps, so we can't blame all the screwups on Robot, but we can blame most of them on her being that when she does her Robot thing, S gets messed up, and since everyone follows S because she's on the end of the line, everyone messes up. Dance logic. Learn it. Love it.

By the way, the flying dance is Homeward Bound and what we do is more flyingish that this:

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