Monday, August 8, 2011

What "Pretty Sure" Means

The weather has been wacky lately. Heat waves followed by thunderstorms followed by pouring rain in sunshine. So when the rain was coming down on Wednesday in only certain parts of the Island, I called on over to the good folks at Jones Beach. I waited through the recording that offers several other numbers that I should call if I need to contact different specific areas of the park. Not one of them mentions the bandshell or fusion dance. So I wait until someone answers. I asked, Can you tell me if dancing is happening or canceled for tonight? The woman answered, Umm, they haven't told us it's canceled so I'm pretty sure it's on.

At a little after seven, I gave it one more try to double check. Instead of the normal recording, a different recording came on to say that the offices were closed. There was no mention of line dancing on the recording.

A little after that, S climbed into my car and I told her about the conversation. She was like let's try. I was like, if it's not raining on the parkway, then it will probably be on. If it is raining, then probably not.

We made our way to the parkway. It was misting. Then it was raining. Then it was doing nothing. Then it was raining. Then it was not. Even though we pretty much knew right then it was canceled, we drove to the parking lot. About ten cars were there. We parked and got out. It was indeed raining. We walked on the boardwalk. We were there so we figured why not take a glance at the beach. There wasn't any lightning so it wasn't dangerous.

By the time we were walking back to the car, the rain had stopped. I could understand canceling instead of delaying because the rain was on and off. I don't understand how they have a lack of communication.

Jones Beach needs a website that words. Or a direct line for information about events at the bandshell. Or at least a Twitter account for updates. Jeez. Twitter's free.

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