Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Uniforms

My dress arrived in the mail, too big. I took it to my mom's friend who does some pretty amazing stuff with a needle and thread. I'm picking it up today.

I found a bra at the JC Penney. It's convertible. It fits. It cost about as much as the dress.

I went to every shoe store in two malls plus DSW and Marty's. I cannot find white shoes that are wedding and nature preserve appropriate. I plan to wear red shoes, blue shoes, or no shoes.

Eddie and I went to the suit store. Within about ten minutes, Eddie had found a suit that almost fit. We're picking it up this weekend. He came home with a new shirt and a new tie. He thinks he has shoes.

We picked up his ring. It fits with a bit of pushing and pulling over his knuckle.

All we really need to do is put folding chairs in the car and pack up some bug spray. And maybe contact Judie the Wedding Officiant since we haven't heard from her since I locked in the day with a down payment. Half of me still thinks Judie ran away to Aruba with the money.

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