Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Wedding

Unlike lots of little girls, I never dreamed of having a big princess wedding. As I got older, I never dreamed of getting married. When I graduated from my undergrad program, getting married wasn't on my radar; as my friends and I filled out the forms asking us where we'd be in five or ten years, they all wrote that they'd be teachers and have a family and I wrote I'd be a writing, traveling the world. As I went through two grad programs and worked and played, marriage was a foreign idea and a wedding was even moreso.

Yet, in the back of my mind through all of that, one main idea floated around. Whenever anyone talked about having a wedding or getting married, I would think of mini cupcakes. I have always thought that the idea of having mini cupcakes, golden cake with white icing, was the key to a perfect wedding.

So on the day that I never really thought about much, I had the time of my life. As part of the celebration, I got these from S:

Dreams really do come true.

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