Saturday, July 21, 2012

70, 70, 40

It's a pretty big year.  In May, when we celebrated Mother's Day, we also celebrated my grandma's birthday as she turned 90.

Now in July, we celebrate three more things, kind of in the middle of them.  In January, my mom turned 70.  In October, my dad will turn 70.  In June, they were married 40 years. 

See?  Big Year.

So my brother and I did a very adult thing--we threw a party.  It wasn't one of those backyard-invite-your-friends-serve--whatever's-in-the-pantry deals.  It was a catered-food event.  Pretty snazzy.  Since we had it at the house, of course my mom and dad got all involved in the setting up portion.  We shooed them away the best we could, but I was suffering from some form of Intergalactic Non-Curable Germ, so I gave in when they insisted.

Eddie, with the help of his mom, baked two cakes: a golden cake with chocolate icing (to Dad's liking) and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (to Mom's liking).  I wrote on them with icing because I'm apparently good at that.  I've never baked a cake or wrote in frosting ever in my life, but I'm somehow innately good at it.
This is what they consider "good at it."

My brother, mid-party, walked to the store to buy hot cups because we didn't have enough.  He took being in charge of the drinks seriously, obviously.  He'd bought the beer and the soda and all the noshes, and when cups were needed, cups he delivered.

In addition to having a great day with the extended family on a breezy afternoon that was a nice lull between heat waves, the best part of the party was the decorations.  I made three signs--one for each parent's birthday and one for their anniversary.  I also printed out and framed a picture of them from their wedding day. 

 My brother bought triangle-banners to string across the fence and the house.  One was a do-it-yourself banner on which he wrote, Happy 40th Mom + Dad.  The other was a birthday banner that had one letter on each triangle.

And this is the best part.  We're hanging it up on the fence and he goes, oh wait this is flipped the wrong way.  There was an H where a P should be.  So then we flip the triangle over and he goes, this is not the best five bucks I've spent at Target.  There was an H on the other side, and the banner spelled out Haphy Birthday.

Oh, no, wait--THIS is the best part.  We were looking at the package for, well, I really don't know why.  Perhaps for an explanation.  Instead, we found that 5% of all proceeds from Target sales go to education.  That?  Made my day.  Well, I mean, of course the whole family celebration thing was terrific, but wrong spelling on a product that donates to education?  I wait all year for irony like that!

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