Friday, February 11, 2011

On Time Means Late

S and I arrived in the parking lot of dance class at 7:52 PM. We walked to the door and up the stairs. That took maybe a minute. That's when we saw everyone lined up and Jean beginning to teach. What the? Apparently all she needs is a quorum to start now. Jean has stopped classes before when other people are late (and to awkardly--for everyone else--inform them of certain demises of acquaintances. With us, no one seemed relieved we were there. That seems about right.

They had obviously been going for some time as they all already learned most of the dance. We caught on quickly though so there! It was to a slowish song and then to Rod Stewart's song about Motown for which the video involves the cartoons but not the girls in the plastic dresses, a forever long misconception that took a lot of time figuring out between me, S, AV, and MM.

Then we learned Black Magic Woman, or as Jean indicated its other name, Black Magic, and which S renamed or Just Black. It begins with a side point on your tippie toe and it includes some spinning, so at the beginning--and then later on too--there were points where the class was facing one way and I was facing them. S did it too, once. No one noticed, however, because everyone looks down at their feet when they dance. S and I look at the reflection in the windows instead.

We did the Wonderland Waltz twice in a row despite the Clique that didn't want to. Jean usually listens to their requests, but the waltz won out for Jean. She explained that we would all like it once we really got it because it goes so perfectly with the music. The Clique didn't agree. S and I did. I love it even though it's really long and kinda creepy.

We ended the evening with Mango Smoothie and Hello Dolly, with one of the Clique telling the rest of the room to watch the girls in the back when the class turns to the back wall because we know what we're doing. Yup, us girls know stuff real good.

Then as we packed up, we had some social interaction with a woman asking us to vote for her nephew's band on some website so they can play at Central Park Summer Stage. I like Summer Stage so I happily agreed. And if they wind up playing there, I'm taking credit.

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