Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cars: A Foreign Language

I drive a Saturn. It is silver. It has three doors. I bought it in August of 2002.
That is the extent of my car knowledge. I love my little car. Though it is sporty more than practical, it is still practical for my needs (except if it's snowing; snow trumps my needs).

When random people see the magic of the third door that opens towards the back, making the entire driver's side of the car accessible, they ooh and ahh. After at least nine years of this kind of car being around, I thought people would have seen this feature by now. Yet, it still amazes.
That's part of what's making me never ever want to give up this car. I want to keep it because the third door impresses people. It also runs really well and I keep it in good condition despite my aversion to pumping gas (I think the car will explode every time I do it myself due to some sort of static cling catastrophe) and my awkwardness at the oil change place (I never go alone ever because when they talk to me, I don't know what they are saying even though everything is in English).

So as part of planning ahead, Eddie and I have been tossing around ideas for cars. He says, BMW. I say, Saturn. He says, They don't make Saturns. I say, BMWs are too much money. He says, We should win the lottery. I say, Yes we should.

I've gone through websites and every time I drive on the parkway, I'm watching every other car speed by to see if I like it. So far, I've really liked two cars I've seen. They were both Saturns. I can't help it.

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