Monday, February 28, 2011

Cooler Than Everyone

Dance class begins whenever Jean feels like it. S and I headed in while seeing through the windows above that class already dancing. Either that or they were all standing in lines and moving exactly the same. They were doing Quarter After One, well into the middle already. We took a spot in the back of the room near the woman who can count to 7 but forget the 8th count and throws herself off in a lot of the dances. We fell into the dance easily, and so, everyone hated us. And when I say everyone, I mean lots of people. Both mullets, all the older couples, some of the new people, and all the people from last session were basically there.

We did it to the music and half the class bowed out but Jean said we all did that quite well. It's really not that difficult after learning it 107 times.

Then we skipped to Hello Dolly. Again. If anyone can't do Hello Dolly by now, they need to stop dancing in the intermediate class. As the women from the clique would say, go back to Wednesday nights. Apparently that's when Jean teaches beginners there. In our lingo, it would be, go back to Monday night because that's when S and I took it at a different place. In any case, going back to a certain night really isn't the best way to tell someone they need to not be in intermediate, but that's the way it was said several times over, and not by us. Instead, we danced in the back and laughed when we messed up and thankfully we were not told to go back to another night.

Black Magic Woman came next. The most difficult part is remembering to do the basketball move. For some reason, I always forget it. S revealed that she hates this dance, which was quite a surprise. I thought she liked the point and drag. We both enjoy the tag. In fact, if any dance has a tag, we enjoy it. We should choreograph a dance that's all tag.

Then came Sweet Slow Song That Gets Even Slower. I hate it. I might like it if if added a tag. No tag. No like.

Then we learned a new dance. We used to do new dances at the beginning of class and then review. Jean's been changing it up lately. The dance is Cooler Than Me to that song by Mike Posner. I told S that the rap part is Kanye. She was like, I don't think that's him. I insisted that it was though I'm probably wrong. I do enjoy it though because no one in that dance room listens to rap and it's hysterical to watch people who have no business even saying the word rap dancing to it, in a line no less. The dance involves a kick on a diagnal and a turn and that's not really difficult unless you're the dancers in our class, in which case, it's all kinds of challenging.

What we did didn't look like what this guy is doing at all. This guy is much cooler than us.

After that train wreck turned okay dance, Jean began the waltzes. The older couple in the back was called to the front by the women in the clique. Two of them decided to dance it as a couple. I refused to do so. I'm in a line dance class so that I don't need a partner. That's the whole point of line dancing. Yes, I like watching the older couple dance the waltz as a couple, but I don't need to copy them to like them.

We did not do the irish dance or the other irish dance that Jean said she'd teach us. Instead, we did Cooler Than Me one more time and then class ended abruptly at 9:28 because why not end early.

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