Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Years of Seinfeld Watching Put To Good Use

Different pipes go to different places.

Elaine and Suzy...Suzy and Elaine.

Get out!

I'm a sucker for a good Elaine catch-phrase. I'm also a sucker for trivia. Sip This hosted Seinfeld trivia, so I did what I do best--I put the team together. In this case, I was also able to contribute. Kind of.

I used to watch Seinfeld every day, a few episodes at a time, first in the early evening and then late at night. It's always on. I haven't watched like that in quite some time, but my brother has. And so has his friend. So that was the team: me and the two experts. See? I have a gift for team building.

With the very first question, my brother's friend was already writing an answer before the question was finished. With every answer, I was laughing hysterically. Seinfeld is probably the most cleverly-written show, and trivia was like reliving it.

Unlike trivia nights of the past, this night flew by. It was so quick and everyone was so into it and there was not a lot of, hey wait a minute that's wrong because bloop bleep blop dee blurp. Instead, it was more like an episode of Seinfeld--lots of people knowing a lot of things about nothing that really matters. In other words, it was awesome.

The part the tripped us up the most was the Name That Date portion. Not date as in month, day, year, but date as in the person one of the four main characters dated. Side note: there was a question about an exact date--the last time Jerry threw up--and my brother knew it. He also knew Jerry's exact address. Anyway, you know what I studied the most? The names of all the girlfriends and boyfriends. YET we still had trouble because there were even more of them that I didn't know about. Some were there, though--Todd Gack (what a fantastic name!), Jake Jarmel!!!, Rachel (of the Schindler's List/shrinkage episodes).

Yes, I had a study sheet. Let's move on.

So with my brother knowing all those minute details and his friend knowing every single plot, I was there for backup, knowing the general and obvious things anyone who watches should know, and for knowing that Jerry compared breaking up to trying to push over a vending machine. Yeah, that's right.

And....we tied for second! Which really was third because there was also a tie for first. Plus, we think we earned (in our hearts) a half point for saying Sex with Puddy instead of Puddy's Move when Elaine described something like a big budget movie that goes nowhere. See? Half point!

We still wouldn't have been first. We got very close though. Very very close. Between the almost winning and the jasmine green tea, trivia is becoming my favorite part of the month. It can stay that way by making me win. Or I can just take over trivia altogether. If I'm in charge, I can't win, but I also can't lose, which makes it a win-win situation in some sort of weird way. Aha! Victory!

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