Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sabbaticalling: Weekly Roundup #14

I went outside into the world twice this week. Like I mean out out.

1. I read for First Tuesdays as the feature at Terraza 7 Cafe in Queens. That's right. Crossed the county line and everything. It was a great gig for a really supportive and fun crowd.

2. I went to the Whitney Museum to see two exhibits. The new location necessitates lots of walking, which is beneficial for Project Pants Fit. Also beneficial was taking the stairs throughout the museum instead of waiting for the elevator. Waiting for a museum elevator is like waiting for Godot, except that, well, I have no idea what Waiting For Godot is about, so really, I wrote it because it sounds like it's probably true. (Sidenote: I fuzzily remember S reading it for a college class when I visited her in Boston. I could be making this up.)

So far, I have no signs of having picked up any kind of illness from any kind of germy tissue-carrying man on the subway. Hooray.

Another out was workshopping with my artist friend. I got some good ideas for reworking some of the newer poems I wrote. I wrote and revised a bunch of poems this week both before and after workshop. I also submitted to a bunch of journals and updated my tracking spreadsheet for submissions and places to read.

After months of back and forth emails and planning, I finally finalized the first phase of setting up a reading for some Dancing Girl Press poets. I also kept planning some Poets In Nassau events. More on all of those as they develop.

Between getting out, I read. I finished a novel, began a non-fiction collection, and checked out Blunderbuss, Flapperhouse, Electric Literature, The Toast, and Fence. Then I listened to a podcast I found that's new for me but has been around for years called This Podcast Will Change Your Life. I also listened to Serial and I realized that listening to Serial really is part of my sabbatical because it really shows how to put together a stellar podcast in addition to how to tell a story from different points of view in different ways without it feeling scattered or getting confusing. So there. Sabbaticalled!

I blogged a bit--I Am Blogging Now--and then updated most of the pages of this blog to redirect to my new website. I'm almost there with the new site. I've added a bunch of pages, and once I get the podcast going (oh, yeah, I should keep working on that and not think it will create itself), I'll be able to link that there, too. I need to make the jump from here to there for blogging eventually. Right now, ooh, blogger, it's my home and I can't move right now.

A lot of the work I completed this week took place at my new desk.

As part of Project Pants Fit, I want to stand more. So instead of purchasing a desk that can go up and down electronically with the option of a treadmill below it, Eddie made me a desk out of a cardboard box. I stand at it and dance to the radio as I type. It's an excellent addition to Project Pants Fit as well as my home office decor, even if it's not exactly in my office and is in my kitchen.

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