Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun With Blacklight, Monster Mini-Golf Style

Once the anniversary celebration came to a close, Eddie and I took AF and SMM to play mini golf.  Still reeling from his incomprehensible tie, Eddie was out to prove something.  I was out to have some fun in blacklight.  I got a Groupon to play Monster Mini-Golf, which is an actual thing.  It's an indoor mini-golf course that's in the dark under blacklight where scary things glow.  We got stuck behind a group of 8, most of whom were not very good at mini-golf.  We were all actually doing pretty well at first, which meant we would complete a hole really quickly and then we'd be smushed between the 8 girls in front of us and then the four people behind us, and the entire course was basically backed up.  Good thing they play fun music.  AND we got to entertain ourselves for a while by taking pictures in blacklight even though they don't come out really well.  Because I wear contacts and have light eyes, I looked pretty creepy. 

We are idiots.
In the end, I came in last and Eddie won and AF and SMM were somewhere in the middle.  Eddie can now sleep better at night, reigning mini golf champ.

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