Friday, August 28, 2015

Coney Island Koi

Seriously, who wins a koi fish and two gold fish from Coney Island and takes it home and buys a tank and a catfish to keep as pets?  Seriously?

But before that happened, Eddie sank one of those near-impossible baskets and won a stuffed monkey for me.  Then we rode the scary haunted ride and I spent the whole time screaming and hiding behind the monkey.  When we came out of the ride, I was clutching the monkey, and people were laughing, and AF was laughing and pointing at the booth where our pictures were on screen.  She was like, You have to see yours! In our picture, Eddie had his eyes closed and was laughing and you couldn't see me.  All you could see was the monkey in front of my face. 

I mean, I don't mind scary, but when the ride is pitch black--so dark that I couldn't see my own hand--I'm not into that.  Eddie kept saying, You have to look!  And I was like, Nope, I absolutely do not.

We watched fireworks with AF and SMM.  They were fun.

Then Eddie got this brilliant idea to win a fish.  We walked over to the fish game and the guy gave us four buckets of balls to throw into these tiny fish bowls.  I was throwing them trying to miss on purpose and I got two in.  In total, we all got in a whole lot, enough to win a koi.  When we went to collect the fish, the woman gave us two goldfish too, and she would have given us more had we not stopped her.

On the way home, water kept sloshing out of the tank at odd times.  However, the fish made it home.

The next day, we went to the pet store and bought a tank with a filter, and Eddie put the whole thing together because I wanted nothing to do with taking care of other living things.  He also bought a catfish because they help keep the tank clean. The catfish is crazy and was biting the koi's tail. Actually, all the fish are crazy. They go nuts whenever you walk into the room.

The one thing that matters most however is that the fish are still alive.  Good job, Eddie.
Stupid fish

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