Monday, August 24, 2015

Beach Blanket Bingo-ing Home Quickly

When Eddie and I were basking in the Hawaiian sun, we realized that we'd never been to the beach together before that.  How is this possible?  We live on an island.  So on our anniversary, he made a plan to go to the beach. Then he made further plans like mini-golf and a restaurant because he wasn't so sure we'd stay long at the beach.  Because we get bored.  "We" here means mostly him.

We packed up our chairs and a bag of towels and snacks and sunscreen.  I brought a book for entertainment called Would You Rather.  We hopped on the parkway and were soon at Point Lookout.  Parking was ten dollars.  I remember when it was like four.  I haven't been to the beach in a while.
I'm getting kind of obsessed with these wind thingies.
He's there to make sure you pay the ten dollars.
We parked and walked to the beach.  Then we walked more.  And more.  The beach is a lot wider than I remembered mostly because the beach in Hawaii is so much more narrow. Basically it's a bit of sand and then there's the water.  Here it's endless dunes to trek over.  We saw families with carts of stuff.  Wheels are helpful when you've packed an entire day's worth of stuff to do. We didn't have a cart. I would have liked one. 

We walked to the waterline and put our stuff down.  We lounged in the sun.  Then I heard crinkling.  I opened my eyes to see Eddie eating potato chips.  It was like 10 AM.  He was bored.  So I took out my book and started asking him Would You Rather questions.  Then he asked me some.  Then I asked him some.  Then he didn't want to read anymore so we walked to the water.  We avoided the seagulls that were about the size of turkeys, no joke.  We went back to our stuff and I layed on a towel this time and I could swear that the sand was moving under me.  Eddie took pictures to pass the time.

Loungin before boredom
We don't know these people.
This is my hand and the top of my head and towel.  Nice shot.

Lots of sand before the beach
Then we walked to the water again and I collected some shells.  I even got my feet wet up to my ankles.  We then had to walk back to the chairs and let my feet dry.

We were done with the beach in about 45 minutes.

So then we headed home to take our second showers of the day because we were sandy and sweaty.  I don't know how people stay all day.  Then we went off to the diner because I was jonesin for some diner food. 
I think the kitchen was hot.
Love the placemat
After that, we played mini-golf in the park.  It was a tight race.  We tied.  How does that even happen?
We were exhausted and hot from being in the sun all day. To chill out, we swung by Dunkin Donuts for a smoothie for me and a donut for him.  He doesn't drink smoothies so it was a comparable substitute.
By the way, the DD stuff was free :)  That's what I call anniversary happiness.

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