Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's "Feast"

Instead of cooking on New Year's Eve, I bartended.  This was all Eddie's idea.  After deciding we were going to have a date with just the two of us, he looked at me and asked, Are we drinkin?  Eddie doesn't drink, so this question was unexpected.  I was also unprepared.  He ran out to get Sprite to mix with vodka.  Suddenly excited, I opened the liquor cabinet to grab the Disaronno.  Disaronno has those commercials that suggest cocktails that I always want to try (except for the Disaronno and orange juice one; I'll pass on that).  The latest was Disaronno and Prosecco.  Having just come into a bottle of Prosecco, I was all set.  Not one to drink alone, this was now a perfect opportunity.

Actually, I lied.  I did cook something.  We made Jell-o.  This is how inept we are as adults: we had to call Eddie's mom to find out how to  make the Jell-o even though I read the directions on the side of the box.  We didn't know what to put it in.  It was very difficult.  But we did manage to make it. 

When Eddie arrived home from the store, he had not only Sprite for mixing drinks, but also Cool Whip for the Jell-o AND scratch offs.  The Cool Whip remained closed because I don't eat it and he didn't have any Jell-o.  He in fact had never planned to eat the Jell-o but got stuck on the idea of how much he liked Redi-Whip, which the store did not have, and so we now have a tub of Cool Whip that will probably not be even opened let alone eaten in 2013.

The scratch-offs were a nice surprise.  We'd won $12 a few days before, so he cashed them in for more chances.


 Because we won!

Back to the drinking:

For some reason, Eddie made his own drink.  I don't know how this happened.  I was in the middle of making mine--ice, Disaronno,Prosecco, mmm--when he ran through the house coughing his brains out.  Between coughs, he was blurting out, I'm a lightweight! I'm a lightweight!  I was like, how much vodka did you pour?  He was like, only a drop!  What the?

Then I realized--Hey, did you put it in first or last? Of course he answered, Last.  I was like, Maybe you want to stir that up so that the vodka isn't the top layer, hmm?  After that, it was much better.

Mine was good but too strong.  I guess I'm a lightweight, too.  So I poured a bit of Sprite on top to cut it and oooh, it was delicious.

Cut to about an hour later.  Eddie's glass is full and mine is empty.  He said, I really don't think I'm a drinker.  Ya think?

Wearing jammies on New Year's Eve tops wearing a tight dress and boots.

Mystery spot on the couch
 We watched New Year's Eve , that Ashton Kutcher movie with everyone from Common to Robert DiNiro in it.  Then we watched Charlie Brown's New Year's Eve special during which Charlie Brown is the only one of them who has to read and write a book report on War and Peace.  Why is he the only one in the class who has to do it?  Someone please explain!  And how can he fall asleep outside on a porch in the snow under the book and miss the little redhead girl at the party?  And who brings War and Peace to a party?  And why does he turn the pages the wrong way?  And why is he always on page 5 even though he's reading different parts of the book out loud?  Still, I enjoyed it.  Then in the second half hour, Peppermint Pattie was learning to ice skate so we opted out of that to watch bad musical performances.

I was almost drunk but we both made it to midnight and rang in the New Year by watching Jenny McCarthy kiss a random military man in Times Square.  And isn't that what New Year's Eve is all about?

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