Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthdays Are The Best Days

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

He got decorations:

Homemade card streamers

Second time using our misspelled sign from Target
He got me to go shopping on a weekend, a present in and of itself, but it was fun because he got birthday clothes:

I told him he had to get this shirt.

Fly! (Is that how you spell it or should it be Phlyyy?)

He got furniture rearranged for a wholesome card game:
The dining room has a couch!

The living room has a table!
He got presents:

Taken, his now favorite movie.

I made that card because I'm crafty.
He got a cake:

Ran out of icing so abbreviations came in handy.

Fake blowing out the candles since he blew them out too quickly the first time.
Oh, and he got a hug:

How's that for an action-packed celebration?

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