Friday, January 18, 2013

How I Got Over JBJ

It was before the Exedrin commercial but after the Oprah appearances.  I'm pretty sure it was some time around When We Were Beautiful.  I watched the shit out of that documentary.  I smiled the whole way through, barely breathing. It rolled around in my head for months.  Then I realized, wow, he's a bit of a douche.  I'm sure if I knew him personally, he would not be a douche.  The documentary portrayed him as a hard-working guy who loves his multiple careers and his family and his friends and who takes care of everyone who contributes to these endeavors.  But also?  It made him seem like a bit of a douche. Note the use of the word "seem."  I'm not saying that he is.  I'm saying he seems to be (see the aforementioned positive character traits listed in this paragraph).

This summer will be the first summer in I'm not sure how many many many years I am not planning to go to a concert.  I've always made the correction that the band is not him and he is not the band (I know this because he also has a solo career--duh!), but he's involved with the band and even though they all did not come off of the douche-kind in the documentary, it's douche by association.  Of course, the concert will be amazing since I'm not going, but, especially since there's no new album, I've kinda seen it all before.  I saw them when they went psuedo-country.  I saw them when Richie Sambora was in rehab. I hung in there when they played Dry County as an encore (yeah, I know, what the hell IS that?).  I'd rather see Memphis, which I think has left Broadway. 

I am quite aware I risk invoking the very real and very dangerous wrath of every JBJ fan in the world by airing my grievances, but maybe, just maybe, I'm speaking the words that some others are thinking.  More likely, it's the former.  I'm hunkering down now.  If you don't hear from me for a while, yes, you should be worried and send out a search party.

Also, to save my own ass, everyone should know that I'm not being so mean and judgmental here.  A simple Bing search of "Jon Bon Jovi douche" brings to life many, many, many links.  This one is much more offensive that I'll ever be.

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