Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wine Up!

My birthday weekend was wonderful.  On my actual birthday, Eddie and I attended a poetry reading that I'd set up for a colleague at Sip This.  Dd and the rest of the gang signed a card and sang Happy Birthday to me AND they gave me a brownie fudge cake thing that was one of the most delicious desserts I've ever eaten and was too good to actually finish.  You know what it feels like to have a whole coffeehouse sing to you?  It's the best!  And it happened to me!  On my birthday!  Top that!

Okay, to top that, AF and SMM came over the next day and off we were to the wineries!!!  We sipped at Pugliese winery where the tasting room had moved outdoors and we had to weave our way through bachelorette parties and buses of women wearing matching t-shirts.  We picnicked under their vine-covered trellis and even picked some grapes.  Okay, SMM picked the grapes and one had an ant on it and he ate one and made a face that made the rest of us not try them.  A girl at another table was almost passed out on the bench.  People?  Were drunk.

We sipped more at Duckwalk North.  That's where AF and I made a new friend.  So we were a little tipsy and a little flirty.  Since our men were standing away from us talking about football, we decided to see if we could get an extra pour by guessing the bartender's name.  His name was not Pedro or Pablo or Billy or Brian.  It's amazing how many names his name was not.  When Eddie came over to check in on us, I was like, Go away we're making a move here!  He left.  We wound up giving NotPedro a tip with a note to say thanks.  He told us to autograph the note.  We did.  The old man next to us told us we should give him our phone numbers, too.  Umm, mind your business, Mr.IDon'tSeeYouWearingAWeddingRingWhenMyWeddingRingIsRightInYourFace.  AF and I then grabbed the guys and went outside to see the actual vineyard portion of the land.  There was a foodtruck there serving hamburgers and hot dogs, which of course go well with wine. 

We then sipped more at Pindar.  The bartender was a big douche and the wine, for the most part, sucked, so we got out of there as quickly as possible to sit outside away from the bad wine and big bag o' douche.  We had cupcakes and macarons to celebrate my birthday.  Mmmmmm, nothing like sugar on top of sugar.

Then we came home and remained semi-conscious for a while.  It's a little blurry for me.  I was exhausted but hyper if that's such a thing.

The gals did this.

The guys did this.

We ate yummy Magnolia cupcakes.

There was wine leftover.
Things were fuzzy.

The vineyards were gorgeous.
And then the dancing began.  Part II of the celebration happened when my parents came over to sing Happy Birthday and feast on ice cream cake and I showed them how my new Move for PS 3 works by dancing to Just Dance 3.  Dancing after drinking all day and eating cupcakes and macarons and a picnic lunch and Chinese food? Fun times!  After my demonstration, there was much more dancing since Eddie's present to me, the Move, created the necessity for a dance party planned the day before to which S and R were invited, only one of them being actually excited about the dancing, and I leave it to you to figure out the mystery of which one.  And then MM dropped by to witness the dancing and celebrate with more wine and cheesecake. 

I am alive today.  My insides might be slowly dying or slowly recovering, but overall, I am alive.  I plan to dance again soon.  As soon as my insides show more signs of life and stop scolding me for the sugar overload.

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