Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silver Sands, Big Bugs, And Lots Of Unasked-For Onions

Early on a Milford morning, Eddie and I had breakfast at the hotel using our B&B package vouchers (feels like FREE but isn't because the package is more expensive than when you don't get breakfast BUT a portion of the extra expense go to some charity to feed people, so it's a good thing).  He got made-to-order pancakes, and they were really fluffy and delicious.  We loaded up on food so that we had enough energy to get through the nature excursion ahead.

We followed Judy the GPS to Silver Sands State Park.  This time, we did not go through any creepy streets that threatened murder.  Instead, we went through downtown Milford that's got a small-town vibe and a waterfall.  Yup, a waterfall!  I oohed and ahhed and told him we had to see it on the way back.  See?  I really am amused by little things. 

When we got to the park, we were greeted by everyone walking on the boardwalk.  Milford is a very friendly town.  Even when they're power walking, they take an extra breath to say good morning.  Nice. 

We made it to the beach where we could see Charles Island, a supposedly cursed and haunted island where treasure may be buried.  We could not go to the island because (1) it was nesting season and Milford loves birds (more on that later) and we couldn't disturb the birds' nesting and (2) low tide was fading away and the tombolo (fancy word for sand bar) was starting to get covered by water.  Being that neither of us can swim, we did not venture out far.  It's a pretty amazing site, though.

The beach is of the rocky sort with broken shells all over the place, so we headed back onto the boardwalk and finished about a mile walk.  We took some side trips onto the sand and then onto some rocks.  When we were on the rocks, we were overlooking the water, and that's when a large bee-like bug decided to attack.  On unsteady ground, we swung and ducked.  We must have looked like two idiots attempting a violent version of tai-chi.  We ran down from the rocks and decided not to do any more venturing. 
On the walk back under what was now a blazing sun, we noticed a man sitting in the weeds next to a dumpster, reading.  Umm, okay then.  You know me--I love shit like that.  I would have taken a picture had it not been for my very soft spoken husband saying, Hey he didn't see just come back and take a picture!  This was about two feet from the man.  Yeah, I kept walking.

Then we found a palm tree.  Or at least our version of a palm tree.


Sufficiently sweaty and sand-filled, we headed one town over to the sports center to play some mini-golf and check out the arcade.  We played ski ball.  We won twelve tickets.  Eddie gave them to a little kid.  Awww.    In my mind, I won the game of golf because my score was higher.  Apparently, that's not how the game goes.

After that, we hit downtown Milford!  We walked up and down all three main streets.  Then we settled on a pizza place that turned out to be a full-on pizza and restaurant place, Milford Green Pizza and Restaurant.  We really liked it.  Until....  Eddie ordered a burger.  The girl told him it comes with lettuce and tomato and before she finished, he said, No, I don't need any of that, just plain please--cheese and nothing else. Okay, easy enough.

When the food came, she put the burger in front of him and said, It also comes with bacon and onions but you can just scrape them off if you don't want them. 

Say what?

My chicken sandwhich came exactly how I'd ordered it, and aside from the sandwich being mostly bread with a little piece of chicken, it was good.  Eddie, on the other hand, lifted his bun, all set to scrape off the crap that wasn't supposed to be on the burger since he'd said "cheese and nothing else," and he found that he couldn't just scrape it off because everything was embedded onto the cheese.  So I called the waitress over and was like, He's going to get sick from that so he just can't scrape it off.  She apologized and said she'd bring another one over, but Eddie told her that she could just bring him two slices of pizza.

The pizza was good.  The service?  Eh, we wouldn't have minded the mistake so much until the owner or manager or whoever he was came over and was like, Sorry about that but next time, you should really tell the server beforehand since the menu shows it comes with all that.

Um, say what?  I kept my mouth shut. Eddie said, Well I did say cheese and nothing else.  The guy responded, oh ok, and then walked away.

So what began as a good restaurant turned out to be icky.  The mozzarrella sticks were good, but they didn't make up for the wait staff blaming the customer for a mistake the server made by not paying attention.  Booo.

To make up for the downer moment, we went in search of a waterfall.  What did we find?  Two.  Yeah, that's right, TWO waterfalls.  First, we were walking to the docks and Eddie was like, Want to go over that bridge?  I hadn't seen it at first, so when he pointed it out, I was like, You know me too well!  We went over it and saw a waterfall at the end. 

It wasn't the one we'd seen in the car, so we went out in search and finally found it.  So pretty!  Milford is a pretty town.

After doing downtown Milford after all that other stuff in the sun, we were done, and so we swung by the Stop and Shop, grabbed some grub, and crashed in our hotel, watching the sunset over the Lowe's.  Ah, romance is a microwave and a home improvement store.

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