Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bird Santuaries and Burgers

Ah, another Milford morning. Checkout was at noon, so we lazily had breakfast and then lazily watched an entire movie on HBO since we don't have HBO at home.  I enjoy Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union, so it was a good time.  Then we headed out to tackle the rest of Milford.  There wasn't much left.  Milford's a small town.  Out to the outskirts!  Onto the one-lane bumpy roads!  To the bird sanctuary!

Really, we went to the bird sanctuary.  There, we found people who were bird watching.  People really do this.  Then we took a walk along a paved path and found an unpaved path.  Do we dare?  Yes, dare we do.  Onto the unpaved path filled with tall grass, bugs, and, of course, birds! 

We really bonded with nature.  We made it through the path to the beach where once again we were facing Long Island Sound, standing on rocky, shell-broked sand.  From there, we spotted Charles Island again.  Then we found pretty shells.  Then we watched a dog that was watching us.

Then, because we couldn't sit and couldn't walk without getting injured, we headed back.  And that's when a bird scared the crap out of me when we walked by some very tall grass and it decided to leave its hiding place and flap itself off in front of me.  I actually ducked out of the way.  Eddie, my knight in shining armor, was doubled-over, laughing.  Note to self: don't let your guard down in a bird sanctuary so that you do not get scared by birds.

Having worked up an appetite from the long walk through the marshy land, we creeped and crawled our way out of the spiraling streets and found one of the main drags, Boston Post Road, where we found a Whole Foods.  Once again, I was beaming because I could by my lentil crackers that I had coupons for.  Yes, this is how I get psyched.

Then we headed into Plan B Burger.  Plan B Burger should be called Little Piece of Burger Heaven. I'm not a big restaurant person.  I love kitschy places like Cracker Barrel, but that's more for the kitsch than the food.  Here?  I loved the food.  Oh my little baby Jesus, the menu has too many options. The very friendly waiter then told me that anything on the menu could be made with a veggie burger, turkey burger, or chicken burger.  I told him that now he made me have too many more options. 

Eddie got a cheese burger.  I got a chicken burger that was Italian style (pesto, mozzarella, mmmmm).  The food came and we were like, We need to eat here all the time.

Eddie's came with fries.  You don't see them here because this is his second burger.  Yeah, that's right.  It was so good that he ordered a second one.  The waiter was like, Next time, just get a double burger so you get less bread.  Now we know.  After the burger trauma at Milford Green Pizza, we were scarred and weary of what we ordered. Not here.  Not anymore.  This place almost made me eat beef.  Almost.  It didn't happen.  I smelled it and was like, no, I'll stick to chicken.  When we were finally done, the waiter was like, we'll see you soon.  We were like, Yes okay!  Then we realized, no, no we wouldn't because we were in Milford.  However, on a non-holiday weekend, we're only about an hour and forty minutes away.  It would be worth the drive.  Yeah, that's how good it is.

And then?  Then we had to say goodbye to Milford.  Sigh.  The weekend was coming to an end.  I would be starting work on Tuesday, so we'd decided that we should be home on Monday instead of coming home on Monday.  But now?  I own Milford.  We did everything we could possibly do.  We exhausted every nook and cranny.  Milford is my town.

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