Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sabbaticalling: Weekly Roundup #17

I like organizing things. A house. A shelf. A shopping list. Anything, really. I suppose it's the Virgo in me. So spending this past week mostly at my parents' house to help out post-emergency-mom-appendectomy brought me great joy. I organized schedules. I organized drawers. I organized files. I organized mail. Lots of organizing. Lots of joy.

What does this have to do with sabbaticalling? On the surface, nothing. But really....

Once I went back to Liberating The Astronauts for a moment, I realized, hey, this thing is not done. As I'd suspected. I plucked out lots of the poems and created a chapbook that I immediately submitted to Two of Cups. Then I tweeted about revamping the collection. Now I know what must be done to have a full collection--I must liberate it from what's weighing it down. I'm going more spacey. Like astro space stuff. It'll be grand.

Also, I organized submissions, rejections, and new places where I'll be submitting. See? More organization. While doing so, I drafted my Poetry Has Value piece for April, which I'll finish tomorrow and submit asap.

I blogged after going to trivia. I blogged a love letter to Home Depot. Here, "love" means "exasperated." I'm blogging right now. Mind blown, yet?

I finished reading a novel and two poetry collections along with some online journal reading. I don't think I'll be getting books from the library right now. I want to finish up some collection I have at home, and I still haven't gone to Poets House. I've been trying to go since February. Maybe this week it'll actually become a reality since I'm heading to the Morgan Library to see the Warhol exhibit on Friday anyway. Maybe I'll make a day of it. Maybe.

I got one acceptance this week, which was a huge happy dance moment. April has been a month of rejections, so getting an acceptance at the buzzer turned it all around.

Finally, last night I went with Eddie to Lightscapes. More on that at another time, but for now, I saw some fairies all lit up and when I revisit our photos, I'm hoping a few more poems will come out of them for my critters and creatures project.

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