Friday, March 4, 2016

Sabbaticalling: Weekly Roundup #9

This week is a bit short. Weekend getaway starts today! But first, sabbaticalling…

A whole lot of reading this week led to some revision and writing towards the very end. I finished a novel, read and finished a poetry collection, am partway through another poetry collection, and I’ve been reading a novel by Lauren Conrad because they all can’t be great literature.

I also read the new issue of The Volta, back issues of Booth, This, Fence, and Blunderbuss, and some poetry and prose and all kinds of oddities in Flapperhouse, The Toast, Electric Literature, McSweeney’s, The Paris Review, and The Rumpus. Okay, I didn’t actually read The Rumpus. I visited the page, clicked open some things, got confused, and clicked out.

Since February ended and March began, it was time for the next installment of Poetry Has Value, which I compiled and completed and submitted. I realized that I miscalculated last month’s earnings because I can’t do math. Because I’m a girl.

Also because the month changed, some new open reading periods came about, so I submitted a whole lot of poetry. I also submitted some audio for a journal that has a podcast. Then I started to think about doing my own podcast. All in due time. Focusing on the poetry for now. Or not. We'll see.

Even without a workshop this week, I found myself revising a lot. I also wrote some poems. Rather, I wrote one whole poem and then pieces of other poems.

I’m blogging right now. Writing is writing is blogging.

And I caught up to the most recent episode of The Catapult. Which means I now actually have to wait for the next one to arrive in the queue. Whoa. In the meantime, I found that Flapperhouse has a podcast, so I’ll check that out while I wait.

Finally, I contacted a whole bunch of places about doing readings and workshops. The most acceptance I got was “we’ll put you on our list.” Otherwise, I’m waiting for answers, except for one place that informed me their calendar is filled up, but their response had really bad grammar in it, so I’m okay with that. Because I judge people on their use of language.

And now, it’s the weekend, yo.

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