Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sabbaticalling: Weekly Roundup #11

The Great Germ Infestation of 2016 posed a challenge, (I haven't been sick like this since that terrible case of Casino Cough, but this thankfully hasn't been quite as severe) so this week's plans of 4-dollar-Zumba and poetry readings and live music fell very short (like me!). I stayed in my house in comfy pants, venturing out twice only--once to buy laundry detergent on sale from the CVS and once to return library books that were due. No Ides of March celebration. No St. Patrick's Day cheer. Only me and my throat lozenges and my tissue box on the couch. Everything I had to do sabbatical-wise was doable--sitting, reading, writing--so I still got stuff done.

read a poetry chapbook, a full poetry collection, and more of a very short novel that has no chapters so it's proving a bit difficult to get through. I also read poetry, listicles (which is a thing), articles of inspiration, fiction, and non-fiction on Booth, Blunderbuss, Flapperhouse, The Toast, McSweeney’s, and The Paris Review. Then I listened to 2/3 of the new episode of The Catapult.

I planned to read more. Added to the books I plan to read at Poets House. Began a new list of books relating to fairy tale critters at the local library.

I submitted prose pieces and poems to websites and journals. I queried and submitted Liberating The Astronauts to presses. I updated my writing resume and applied for a freelance writing gig concerning educational materials in literature.

I wrote a lot. Lots of poems. A few prose pieces. Some blog posts. Then revised the poems I wrote. Then I emailed back and forth with my online workshop to revise an older poem.

On the business side, I continued to plan some Poets In Nassau readings. Then I followed up with some readings I'll be doing for two different colleges in Connecticut. Crossing the state line. So much like Kerouac (except for everything).  I also made a plan for creating a new website for myself. Shhh, don't tell Blogger.

So despite fighting through a nasty cold, sabbaticalling was pretty successful.

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