Sunday, May 17, 2015

Green Fest 2015

Because Groupon had discounted tix and because I like festivals that have booths that give things away, Eddie and I went to the Green Festival.  And I got free stuff.  And in an unprecedented turn of events, we also bought things.  Wow!

Basically, the booths were made up of organic and green-grown food and drink products, solar and wind powered companies, and some clothing, accessory, and home boutiques.  Everything was all about reduce, reuse, recycle.  Also, there were some random things like newspapers and car contests because they helped fill up the smaller room of the Jacob Javitz Center.

I don't know how the mask wound up off-center. I could see fine.  No one told me.

I think this is a chair.  A happy chair.

Very happy to be at the Green Festival

I got a sticker when Eddie bought some pumpkin seeds!

I did not like this at all.

This man is sitting in his own personalized sauna.

I tried a lot of samples, and most of them were delicious.  I tried the not-so-delicious green grassy drink that the guy claimed tasted like berries.  He tried and tried to get Eddie to sample it, so I finally did, turned to Eddie, and was like, There's no way you'd like this.  Finally, the guy stopped pestering him.  I got Eddie to try the pumpkin seeds because I knew he'd like them. After eating them, he bought a bag because they were delish. I had some marinara sauce from Michael's in Brooklyn, and now I want to go to Brooklyn to eat there.  I also tried some not so great hummus products followed by some very yummy kombucha tea.  Then I had some hemp seeds and the guy was like, Open your bag, and then he dumped lots of packets of hemp seeds into it, and was like, They're free so take a lot!  This guy?  Speaks my language.  Over at the So Milk stands, some woman was looking for something to have and everything the guy offered, she didn't like.  I don't know why she was at the stand if she didn't want any of the products, but I waited patiently so I could get a bit of free soy ice cream.   I then tried Brooklyn Dark chocolate.  I couldn't get over how good it was.  I gushed to the woman about it and she kept handing me tiny bits to sample and I kept eating them. We went back at the end to buy some bars.  I think because we actually went back as opposed to what I and others usually do--say we'll come back and then don't return-- the guy gave me an extra bar. Yeay!

When we left, I carried a big bag of free stuff, and Eddie said, I got something for free.  Then he held up a green chip that he was supposed to use to cast a vote for a group to win a grant.  Instead, he liked the chip so much that he kept it.
So proud

We made our way to get some linner (lunch/dinner) at a diner we'd passed while walking there. You'd think I wasn't in the mood to have a meal since I'd nibbled my way through the festival, but diner food is my jam. AND it was the best city diner ever, and if I want diner food in the city again, I'll go back here.

As for my free stuff:
What a score!

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