Sunday, May 17, 2015

Doing Yoga In Pajamas. In Public.

I started doing yoga secretly in my bedroom when I was 15, when I’d found a layout about five yoga poses in Sassy Magazine. The photographs were in sepia. The instructions were simple: Breathing? I could do that. Sitting? I could do that, too. Throw in a down-dog and I was rockin’ it.

Secret Yoga became part of my nightly physical fix. After Secret Dancing around to The Pointer Sister’s “Neutron Dance” in my “You Are Here” Milky Way Galaxy T-shirt, I settled into some secret cat-cow and then secret corpse pose.

What’s with the secret stuff? I was rather awkward and shy to the point of tears. Everything I did was kind of secret. What would people think of me dancing by myself? Now I was also doing this weird yoga thing that no one else I knew was doing.

Years later, I realized nothing had to be a secret....

Want more? Check out the rest of this piece entitled "Why I Go To Yoga Class In Pajamas" in elephant journal, a fun and informative website about yoga and more.

And here's what Eddie thinks is a great shot of me getting into tabletop in summer jammies

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