Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainy Days And Tuesdays

The two year anniversary plan involved mini golf, the great outdoors, lots of sunshine.  The clouds didn't get the memo, and so they unleashed at time torrential downpours.  The plan changed to, Let's go to the bank.

The man at the bank asked, So you have any other plans for this great day?

Eddie answered, It's actually our anniversary today.

I added, Yeah, all of our plans are for outside.

The bank man then responded, ah, congrats, I was wondering if you guys were married....hey, what's up with the name?

My response, it's a lot of paperwork to change your name.

Then back out into the monsoon we went.  We completed the part of our plan that didn't require sunshine--eating lunch indoors.

Yummy food at McQuades
 Then we completed a second part of the plan that didn't require sunshine.  Since the two year anniversary is cotton, we bought new sheets.  And Eddie found a mannequin that was what he claimed my height.  Anything short is apparently my height.

The rain stopped, so we risked a walk around the corner to get ices.  It was a good risk.  The toasted marshmallow ice made up for some of the rain.  It didn't make up for missing mini golf, but it was still a win.

Then the sun came out.  We completed part of the outdoor plan by visiting the park.  We got married there.  Last year on our anniversary, we visited, too, and we found a lot of it overgrown.  This year, it was even worse.  Humid after the rain, the bug population was out in full force.  Our trip to the park was a quick trip.
Two years ago, we stood under this tree.
This year, the tree is more of a giant tree-bush-monster that we ran from.

Right before and right after this picture, I was swatting bees.

The only thing missing was Judy.

Really, it didn't matter that it rained.  It wouldn't have mattered if it had snowed or a wind storm had swept through.  I got to spend a day with Eddie, and that's really all this gal could want.

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