Monday, August 26, 2013

Coney Island Date Night

Lots of entertaining stuff happens at Coney Island.

The Contortionist Dancer:  If you've never seen one of those guys who does bone-breaking moves, you need to see it up close on the boardwalk.  This guy would lie down face down, arch his back all the way, and flip his legs over so that his feet were flat against the floor next to his head on either side.  Then he'd either put his feet on his shoulders and walk around on his hands or he'd grab his ankles and roll himself into the crowd that was surrounding him.  He also wiggled his arms practically out of their sockets and walk upright with his torso seemingly detached from his body.

The Iguana Guy: This guy had two larger iguanas--each at least three feet from nose to tail tip--and then at least one small one.  He could have had more.  They were hanging out on his shoulders and in his pockets.  People were paying him to pet them and take pictures with them.  Except for one toddler who wanted no part in it and basically smacked away any reptile that came near him.

The Giant Pendulum: Next to the non-working parachute jump that has now become an awesome light show stands two very very very tall poles.  Between those poles is a contraption that can hold three people who lie down Superman style in it.  Then it cranks them all the way up and back. Then it lets them go and they swing over the width of the boardwalk and back, over everyone's heads.  My vertigo prevents me from doing anything like this.  Otherwise, I'd totally ride it.  Poor me.  Right?  Right.

The Aforementioned Awesome Light Show From The Parachute Jump: It turns red-white-and-blue.  It flickers.  It goes disco neon.  It's so mesmerizingly perfect.

The Fireworks: Every Friday somewhere between 9:30 and 10 PM in the summer.

This Lady:
These Birds:
And, of course, The Cotton Candy:

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