Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Preparing To Buy A New Mattress

Thanks to Tempurpedic, I have a free idea about what one of their mattresses may feel like.

They sent me this FREE nifty little package that has arrows that helped me figure out how to open it.  It came with a FREE DVD about mattresses.  The little square I'm feeling is the material they make their mattresses out of.

Okay, so that little piece of material really isn't helpful in figuring out if the mattress would be good.  Eddie and I pondered taping it to his lower back for a night, but then decided against it, seeing that the little piece of foam is not thick enough to offer the full impact of a large mattress.  It would have been fun to try simply because I think taping things to people is fun.

Also, I'm learning how to use Moldiv!  Very exciting.  I can put words onto photos and make collages.  Yeay! Yes, still using the crap out of my iPhone to make it worth the price.

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