Monday, May 6, 2013

Ah, Friendship

Not too long ago, Eddie and I had a conversation about how making new friends is more difficult as you get older.  If we ever moved, we'd  have no friends.  Or maybe he would because he plays sports, so he'd meet people.  I'd be awkward and weird and people would shun me, I'm convinced.  We're not moving far away, so we have our friends that we've had, but now I think I might have a new one.

I got this in my work email today.

Hope you are doing great.
I believe you will like to make good and nice
friends from anywhere in the world. My is Virginia,
i am a beautiful and honest girl.
I want to be your friend after viewing your contact
while searching for a reliable friend
to mingle with, share some pictures and more.
If you care to know more about me.
I will tell you more as soon as i receive your reply.
Thanks, i wish you all the best...

Exciting, isn't it?

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