Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Readings Are Just Really Good

For the first time in over a year, I featured at a poetry reading.  It was at Wyld Chyld, a tattoo parlor and cafe, so the poetry has a constant soundtrack of buzzing.  It's really neat. 

Sometimes readings are long and uneventful.  Sometimes readings are more eventful than expected, and not in a good way.  Sometimes readings become theatre of the absurd. 

This time, the reading was a strong reading--supportive audience, entertaining host, infused with momentum and rhythm and happiness. 

The other feature was good, really good.  The open mic was good, really good.  Eddie invited his friend and it was the perfect night for his friend and his friend's girlfriend to come into the poetry scene.  It didn't frighten them away. 

Also, the reading was a good time for Eddie to test out the camera on his phone and all its fun settings.  After my read, he couldn't wait for me to sit down to show me:

And this is why I love my husband.  He also assured me that everyone was paying attention and loved my stuff.  When I asked which poem he liked the best, he said all of them.  Again, why I love my husband.


Doreen (Dd.) Spungin said...

i was there. it's all true. about the reading.
i'm betting it's all true about Eddie and you, too:-)

Christina said...

Awww, so true!