Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dancing: How It Feels Is Not How It Looks

PS3 has an option called Move.  It comes with a mini camera that attaches to the television and a controller that looks like a microphone only the top lights up like a dull bulb.  The game watches you as you watch it.  Kinda freaky, but kinda cool.  S shoved the controller into my hand and told me to choose a song and dance.  I chose a song and danced.  It was fun and easy and I was dripping with sweat by the time I was through.  All I had to do was follow the dancer on the screen.  I hit my moves and earned my stars and I was feeling great.

Then S showed me the demo of another dance game that she wants to get soon.  It's the same idea--dance by following the people on the screen.  Only this version records your every move.  It takes a snapshot of your face first.  Then as you dance, it throws quick snapshots of you up on the screen.

And then?  At the end?  It plays back your dance.

I've always prided myself on having rhythm, on being a pretty good dancer, of having moves like Jagger.  This pride is not stemming from some inflated ego.  People have actually told me that I can dance.  I mean, S and I are at the top of the class in line dancing.  PS3 Move is not your typical line dancing. I'm awkward and sometimes hard to watch.  I'm Elaine from Seinfeld.  I'm a sideshow.  I still have rhythm, but I don't have the moves.

Of course, I want to keep going back to S's now to improve upon my very awkward dancing.  Maybe there's a learning curve.  Either that, or I stick to line dancing.

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