Saturday, May 12, 2012

And The Grand Prize Is....Nothing

Stupid stupid TD Bank is so, so stupid

That sentence is years of higher education in creative writing put to excellent use. However, no other word describes TD Bank as precisely as "stupid."  Here's why:

Eddie and I were standing in line for the longest time as usual.  They had two tellers and a long, long line and no one seemed to be moving.  We'd already visited the coin machine and had our ticket.  We weren't able to guess the amount of change within 1.99 so we didn't win a prize. 

When we finally got up to the teller, Eddie said we're making a cash deposit.  He had bills and he had dollar coins.  She told us we need to use the machine for the dollar coins, too.  I took the coins over to the machine.  I had time to put them through because the bank has no machine counter, and that means the teller has to manually count all the dollar bills.  There was even enough time for the machine to break down--as it always does--and to be fixed.

Because we'd separated the dollar coins from everything else, we knew exactly how much money was in the bag.  So when Penny the Animated Blonde Girl at the Penny Arcade Machine asked if I'd like to take a guess as to how much money we had in coins, I entered the EXACT AMOUNT, which is well within 1.99  because it is EXACT.

Penny congratulated me as my ticket printed because I'd guessed the right amount.  She told me that I would get a prize when I got to the teller.

I handed over the receipt to Eddie.  I'm a winner! I said quite loudly so pretty much everyone in the bank hear me.  He handed the receipt to the teller who had finally finished counting and seemed unimpressed with my winner-status.

She handed us a receipt of deposit. 

That?  Was apparently our prize because we got nothing else.  No lollipop that she could have simply plucked out of the lollipop holders that stand at either end of the teller counter and are covered in dust because no one in their right mind and even in their not so right mind would eat them.  No change purse.  Not even an extra penny.  The next time I go to the Penny Arcade, I might punch animated Penny in her animated face.  Or I'll punch this guy:


TD Bank said...

Hello Cristina, this is Yen from TD Bank ( Saw your comments about your experience with TD Bank. We appreciate your feedback and would like a chance to chat and discuss this further with you. Can you please email your contact information along with the Branch location to (Attn: Social Media) or feel free to visit us at Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. ^YD.

Christina said...

Wow, Yen, have you read my other posts about your bank? They pretty much say it all.

Anonymous said...

Today I decided to convert my coins into bills,and I won the prize. But the teller gave me my money and asked if there is anything else she can do for me. Well, I asked for my prize. After what she said lets see, and than gave me a nail file. Her comment was, we only have stuff for kids. Well, I would be happy to get anything, a penn, lollipop, anything...There is so many kids that would be happy to give them something, and how she even knows if I dont have kids. However, I am happy with nail file, it is still something. So, please TD tellers do not assume if someone doesn't have kids or does, please mention the prize we won.
And than they asked me to open an account. No, thank you! If you cannot give my prize I just won, keeping quite,than what to expect if I would be banking here.