Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Diseases, New Addictions

I have spent the better part of 2012 sick. What I thought was a bout of winter allergies has turned into a very gross icky illness that is lingering way longer than appropriate. So in this time, I have attempted to be productive in exploring new things from the comforts of my germ-couch.

1. Goodreads. I spent a day on Goodreads, adding in my reading history, from most recent to the past. I am sure I have missed a few hundred books, but I got up to 500-something, which is pretty good for Day One. That night, I dreamed about Goodreads, books that I added, books that I needed to add, books that didn't exist but were on the site.

2. Dance Moms. I cannot stand Toddlers and Tiaras because I equate it to child abuse, so I do not know how I fell upon Dance Moms. The adults are neglectful and abusive, but it's about DANCE! so that of course makes it all okay. Lucky for me, I caught the Season 1 marathon, which went on until 4 AM. I didn't make it all the way to then, but I did watch most of it. I got sleepy.

3. NyQuil. I don't think I've taken NyQuil in years. I think I remember why, but my memory is kind of fuzzy and I've climbed out of bed after 8 and then after 9, which is unheard of. What was I talking about? Hmmm, sleeeeepppyyyyy. Ooh, NyQuil inventors, I heart you.

4. The Likeness by Tana French. This book is over 400 pages. A book like that would normally take me a few weeks to read, even during intersession. I read it in two days, once I was awake enough to see straight.

Today, I am feeling a bit better, but I'm dragging. I washed my sheets, not because I had a sudden burst of feeling better, but because I woke up sneezing and the sneezes were directed mostly at my pillow and the area under my pillow. I have not become obsessed with doing the laundry, however, which would have been more productive than any of my other obsessions. Working out has become a foreign language that I hope to relearn soon just to feel like I'm alive. I'd also like to get through a few more Netflix while I'm stuck in the house, but they don't arrive as often as I'd like; I did get to watch Center Stage: Turn It Up last night, which was all kinds of amazing. Ooh, project! I'm gonna go look up all the actors on IMDB to see what else they were in and why they looked so familiar.

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