Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Competitive Streak

The Golden Globes is a fun awards show because S throws a Golden Globes party and we get to bet nickels on the categories and that makes one more winner in addition to all the people who win at the actual awards. That also makes a whole lot more losers, myself included.

I came close to winning. Eddie, who does not watch television and does not go to the movies, was in the lead for the longest time.

S had printed out ballots from a newspaper that offered insight into who might take away the prize. I ignored these ideas. Eddie, having no basis for choosing winners at all, went with what he called The Professionals.

After everyone lost the first category except for me, he cursed the professionals.

After he won five categories in a row, he praised the professionals.

A little later on, the debate about Moneyball arose yet again, R and S's friend D suggesting that it's a movie about promise and change and progress, and Eddie pointing out, They made a movie about a guy who didn't win.

A litter later than that, the plain truth about Bridesmaids come out again--Eddie and I didn't like it. S and R did.

At the final category, L, last year's champ, was tied with five of us and Eddie was also tied as we'd caught up, damn those professionals. Who wins best picture? Not War Horse. Though, R's friend's cousin praised my selection process--I chose the movie that I would least want to see as the winner. The Descendents won and so did L, extending her reign. It was a nailbiter. She was relieved.

She won a citrus-colored fringed plastic boa made from a citrus-colored fringed plastic thingie that came in a citrus party pack S had purchased last year to celebrate her birthday that was hurricaned out. When she opened the kit, she found the fringe thing that she had thought was for hanging around a door but turned out to be about twenty feet long so we'd wrapped it around her coffee table and then over some bookshelves and also along a window sill and then had some leftover for a boa for her friend's daughter and a boa for the champ.

Here's how S greeted us at the door: You guys are always the first ones to the party. Help! This thing is not fitting.

We were actually not on time to the party, but we still managed to be first. That worked out so Eddie could watch the entire second half of the Giant game on television with R instead of listening to it in the car. And I got to help decorate, which is something I enjoy, especially when it involves pretty fringy things. And that makes up for being a two time Golden Globe loser.

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