Sunday, October 9, 2011

Really, Where's My Refund

After phone calls and transactions at ticket windows, I patiently waited for my refund to come in from LIRR. I'd been in touch with the woman from the department after she received the paperwork on the triplicate official form. She sent my stuff over to Public Affairs because all she could offer me was like half the price of half a fare (even though I was completely right and the ticket puncher man was completely wrong. and an ass.) Public Affairs would be able to offer me tickets worth the same as the tickets the ticket puncher man robbed me of when he wrote expired across my unused unexpired ticket.

Sometimes I think about that man. I hope he learns how to read a web ticket so he can do his job and not put other honest customers through unnecessary aggravation like this. Oh, and I hope he gets a papercut daily.

I waited about two weeks before I called again. I got through to an automated system that would direct my call based on my voice prompts. I repeated all the words it told me to say, going through several steps, until I got to a message that said call volume was high and I might have a long wait. So I waited. That's what I've been doing anyway. Then after about a total of five minutes in voice prompts and holding, a message came on and shouted at me, The mailbox you are trying to reach is full--Goodbye!

And it hung up.

Umm, no. So now, I'm pissed. All the rage at all this ridiculous runaround bullshit through no fault of my own had reached its breaking point when the computer hung up on me.

I called right back and, no joke, started to yell at the voice prompt system. I was yelling words that it was not asking for. It kept telling me it didn't understand. Finally, it gave up and just transferred me to a person. I would take a person over a computer that would hang up on me any time.

A woman answered. I didn't understand what department she said she was in. All I said was, I'm trying to get to Refunds!!!! She was like, okay I can put you right though. Oh, okay. I sang-songed, Thank you! She sang back, You're welcome.

The phone rang several times. I looked at the time. I knew they left at 3. It was before that. Another ring and then, Hello? A woman's voice snapped out of nowhere. So I answered, Helllllo??? Then she said, This is refunds;how can I help you?

I told her who I was trying to reach and she said I would have to call back because she was on vacation that day.

I don't know where this came from but I was like, No, I have to leave a message; I will not call back again. I didn't yell it, but I was the most assertive I've ever been in my non professional life.

Maybe it was the again that made her voice sweeter as she said, Oh sure, and took down my name and number and short message about following up with a refund I'd put in almost a month earlier. She even shuffled through some papers to check to see if it was on top. It wasn't. She said the woman would call me back.

The next day, someone else from the department of refunds called back. She left a message saying that she tracked my situation and saw it went through to Public Affairs. She explained that the department deals with all issues, internally and externally, so it may sound unbelievable, but they can take up to five or six weeks to remedy the situation.

Okay, I can deal with a few more weeks. As ridiculous as all of this has been, I have to say that the people who work in the refund department have been really great. Now all I need is either some money back or a ticket or two. Then I'll be satisfied.

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