Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tasty Pop-Up Museum

The Whitney offers contemporary art in a super modern building next to the Highline.

Across the street, there's a warehouse-type building that offers ice cream.

It's simple. Buy tickets. Wait outside on line. Answer ice cream trivia while you wait. Tell everyone your favorite flavor. Eat Dove chocolate. Eat Nerds. Basically, while you're on the line, they treat you like you're a 5 year old so you don't get too antsy.

Then you go inside and you eat ice cream.

Then you look at ice cream art.
 Then you eat an ice cream flavored balloon but only if the ice cream balloon machine is working. It wasn't working when we went, but we still got to look at the ice cream cone wall.
Then you contribute a scoop to a larger ice cream cone in the hopes of being part of a world record of greatest number of scoopers to create an ice cream cone. Then you learn more about ice cream by reading what's on the walls and listening to the guide.

Then you wait in a chocolate room that's pretty dark. I suppose it's a dark chocolate room. Get it?

Then you go swimming in a pool of sprinkles. You can eat ice cream toppings from the containers on the wall when you're done.
Slightly scared of sinking in and not getting out

Then you go into the next room where they give you a small sucking thingie to put on your tongue. And you do it because you're in the Museum of Ice Cream and not at Woodstock or a rave, so you don't question if it might be the bad acid. Then you take an ice cream cone from the wall of ice cream cones. Hands appear with cones that go into cone holders, and you take one as it appears because you're in the Museum of Ice Cream. Any other place, this would be creepy. Here, it's delightful.

You suck on the lemon and lick the ice cream. Remember that thing you were sucking on your tongue? That's supposed to counteract the sourness of the lemon and the ice cream. That did not work for me, but everything was still delicious.

Then you go into the ice cream playground and see saw and swing and love love love.

Then you leave with sprinkles in your pants, leaving a trail behind you down the street, on the train, in the car, and everywhere until you shake everything out at home.

The Museum of Ice Cream wins.

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