Friday, January 8, 2016

Sabbaticalling: Weekly Roundup #1

I'm on sabbatical! Actually, the start date of sabbatical is tricky. The Spring semester hasn't technically yet begun, but the sabbatical application includes these early weeks in January. I've felt like I've been sabbaticalling since the Fall semester ended (you know, when I reacted with such joy?). So I consider this sabbatical time. Here's what I've accomplished thus far.

I've read seven books. I also reviewed most of them on Goodreads because I consider myself an expert on book reading.

I blogged. I am blogging right now. Mind? Blown.

I've continued planning three different poetry readings.

I researched and calendared a plethora of open mics and reading series.

I researched several small presses.

I've tweeted silly comments about what I'm doing on sabbatical. Because if you don't tweet about it, it isn't real.

I started my weekly reading of The Rumpus, Volta, McSweeney's, Booth, Fence, The Paris Review, and This. If anyone has recommendations for online reading I should be doing, let me know. Consider this list my recommendations for you.

I updated the Poets In Nassau Facebook group page. Finally.

I submitted poems to 21 journals. I heard back from one already that two poems have been accepted. (Stay tuned for more on that in February).

I submitted a full manuscript--the one I have completed already-- to three publishers.

I wrote one creative non-fiction draft.

I wrote two poems. One of them might be relevant to one of the current ideas for collections I have in mind. One of them might be relevant to the idea set forth in my sabbatical application. Who knew that would happen?

I'm going to a reading tonight. More poetry to be written as I listen to live creative works.


Paul said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list.

Christina said...

Me, too, but in that exhilarating way. Cheers! (and why does your name sound so familiar?)