Monday, July 20, 2015

Any Place That Gives You Cotton Candy For Free Is A Great Place

I heard a rumor that Grillfire brings you cotton candy after you're done with your meal.  Lover of all things free and avid fan of cotton candy, I reported this rumor to Eddie who looked up the menu and saw they serve steak and hamburgers, and he was in.

I had not heard that they serve you a pretzel before your meal.  Guess what--they serve you a PRETZEL before your meal! 
I kinda look like a bobblehead in this picture.
We split it.  I had the portion that Eddie accidentally dropped into the honey mustard.

Then we had our meals as we dined a la Hawaii--meaning at the open window.  He had a burger with fries and the fries came in a cute little basket, the same kind of basket his fried mozzarella came in. 
It's the little things that make us happy.

He always calls me a cheap date because I don't eat much and never get expensive things, but this time, I got pesto chicken, which was twice the size of his meal and twice the price.  It was worth it because not only was it delicious, but it was enough for lots of leftovers. 

When we finished, we looked at the dessert menu, and he was disheartened that they didn't have lava cake.  Apparently it's available at other locations.  We settled on splitting the mini brownie sundae.  I'm scared to see what the regular size sundae looks like because the mini sundae was colossal, and it had mini M&Ms in it and a big brownie and cream and ice cream and I had a decaf and it was way too much for us and we ate it anyway.

As with all our dates, we were done in about 40 minutes.  We've discussed this phenomenon.  Eddie figured out that we have such a quick turnaround because we don't drink.  We don't get pre-dinner drinks.  We don't drink during dinner.  We don't get post-dinner drinks.  All that takes time. We get right to the good stuff. 

The server brought us our check.  There was no cotton candy.  I was stupefied.  I was feeling down because I'd believed the rumors and had been duped.  This was a sad sad day.  As I was taking Eddie on a date because he's so great, I put my credit card in the little bill holder and pouted.  The server came back and informed us that I had a cool card but they didn't take Discover (my discover card has sunglasses on it with the reflection of an American flag--I'm so dope--yes, I just said that).  So Eddie then paid with a different card of his own and I told him I'd give him the money for it later because otherwise he was taking me out on my date for him and I pouted some more.

But then. THEN. Upon returning the bill, the server asked us to fill out the comment card.  More importantly: SHE BROUGHT US FREE COTTON CANDY.  Um, how do you make a gal happy?  Ask Grillfire.

I couldn't wait to eat this entire thing.
I practically skipped down the street when we left.  Belly full, I still ate it.  Eddie had some, too.  Because when you get free cotton candy, you have to eat it.  It was delicious.  Because it was cotton candy.

We passed by some kids coming out of some other shop on the strip.  They were eating ice cream.  They looked at me and screamed COTTON CANDY!!!!  Because ice cream you can get anywhere.  Cotton candy? Means you're special. 

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