Friday, February 20, 2015

Boston Market Makes Good, Sort Of

Upon making a big deal out of crumbled corn bread, I finally received some sort of solution to my Boston Market problem. After the first tweet sent me on a phone call email chase to nowhere and the second tweet fell on deaf ears, the third tweet with my detailed blog post attached was received with a Please DM us your contact information so we can contact you about this matter.

If this had been the first response to the first tweet instead of giving me instructions to call someone, this problem would have been solved a whole lot sooner. Either they changed their policy in handling tweeted complaints or the person in charge of the Twitter feed that first time hadn't a clue about customer service.

I DM'd my email address and in the next day received an email from a person in charge with lots of apologies saying that a district manager would follow up in an email.

Then came the correspondence with the district manager. I'll now remind everyone that I teach not only English but I used to teach, for many years, Technical Writing, a course that included specific lessons abut corresponding in a business professional situation.  Names have been changed to protect those who clearly did not take my Tech Writing course:

Hello Christina,
My name is Bostonia Marketa Area Manager for Boston Market. I am deeply sorry to hear about your bad experience at one of our location, I would like to give you my most sincere apology. We are more than happy to replace your meal and add some extra cornbreads , and a apple pie or pumpkin pie please get in contact with me on how I can make this right.

Dear Bostonia,
Thank you for contacting me about the problems I had at this restaurant. What you are offering to me is completely fair if you are able to offer us our four meal order plus a bonus of corn bread and a pie.
Would you be able to send us vouchers or a gift card of sorts? How might this work?
Also, having had that experience at that location, we would like to go to a different location if possible. Is there another location in the local area?
Thank you again for contacting me, and I look forward to your reply.

Please note that I refrained from addressing her as Bostonia Marketa Area Manager for Boston Market as that's what appeared to be her full name as she wrote it, and I ignored the "one of our location" and "a apple."  Also ignored: comma splices and run-ons.

Hello Ms Christina,
Thank you for accepting our offer. Would you be able to provide me with an address? This way I can send the be my guest card directly to you which you would be recieving between 10-15 days.
Thank you,
Bostonia Marketa

Hi Bostonia,
Yes, I am writing my address below. Please tell me what a Be Our Guest card is, if it will cover the four meals and sides you offered, and where I can use it. I'd asked if there were close-by locations other than the one on Main Street, USA.

The Be My Guest card sounds like something they ripped off from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but I have no loyalty to Disney since working there was like being in a production for theatre of the absurd, so I don't care if they did rip it off.  However, I still didn't know what the heck it was.

Good morning Christina,
Be my guest card will be a family meal for 4 people with 6 extra cormbreas and a pie.You can use it at any Boston Market.
Thank you,

Clearly, I was not going to get an answer about the nearby location, and clearly Bostonia was now my friend so I just thanked her for her help. I mean, 6 extra cormbreas! How could I ask for anything more?

A few days later, this arrived in the mail:

I'm thinking I'll gather the fam in the car and we'll take a trip there, order on the spot, and chow down. Casual dining tastes extra wonderful when it's free.

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bryan-in-greece said...

Enjoy those cormbreas, Christina!! I had a good giggle at the correspondence - amazing how appallingly bad some people can be when expressing themselves in writing.