Sunday, September 21, 2014

Will Cotton and Milk Shakes

On a day when we were both finally free, S and I decided to meet up at a gallery to see Will Cotton's artwork.  I found her on the street about to cross, wearing a "look at my rib shirt."  It's all the rage in Europe, you know.  (I'm completely making this up). Later on, we saw a girl wearing the same kind of shirt with only a bra under it.  Now, that's really what the rage is in Europe.  (or not. whatever).

Will Cotton had one piece in the show called Look At Me. That's exactly what Eddie's neice always says, so I walked around the entire exhibit repeating, Look at me! Look at me! in much the same way.  It's fun to say.

In addition to the Will Cotton piece, there were a bunch of other portraits and one short film of a naked lady getting water sprayed at her.  We caught it midway through, so we waited for it to loop around. She never looked very happy about the whole water situation though we could not figure out if she was walking through water or getting it sprayed at her or dumped on her.  It looked cold.

A while back, we went to see an entire Will Cotton exhibit, and we weren't supposed to take pictures.  When S was admiring one of the paintings, I stepped back and got a shot of her looking at it, and that became the best picture ever.  So here, where photograph was allowed or at least no one cared enough to tell us not to take pictures, we recreated the moment and I can actually show it now without fear of copyright infringement. Hopefully.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar when we were done looking at the me's.

Then, because I had two free gift cards to Big Daddy's, we walked down to Big Daddy's.  S noted, "This is kind of like us doing a 5 K."  Yes, yes it was.  From all the way uptown to all the way downtown, walking through that weird area of  Park Ave where it stops and starts and cars are overhead, block after very long block, by the time we got there, we were hungry.  It was good timing because all the apps were half price so we split 'em, I got a salad, and we wound up paying for only the milkshakes.
This is the "look at my rib" shirt. S wears a tank top under hers, which is all the rage in the land of being appropriate.

And of course, I not only noticed but found the need to point out this grammatical error on the menu.

Just like sounds! I'm an asshole!

 Once rested and full, we took our milkshakes to go and headed out to some subway station or other.  We passed by Madison Square Park and I remembered, Free public art!  I'd wanted to see some sculptures, and as an added bonus we also saw fake pigeons because NYC doesn't have enough real ones.

Rachel Feinstein: Folly

Rachel Feinstein: Folly

Rachel Feinstein: Folly
These are not real!

From there, S found her subway and I walked to Penn to

1. take an off-peak train


2. to walk off the milkshake.  I'd hadn't had a milkshake in years and years, and it took all my willpower to not curl up and roll myself back to the station.  So worth it, though.  So totally worth it.

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