Wednesday, August 13, 2014


That's one big dino
The thing about the American Museum of Natural History is that it doesn't really change.  I mean, it's history, it's nature, and those two things are in the past, so they stay the same.  However, as people change, our perspective of history and nature change, and as I walked the same halls seeing the same things I saw when I was younger, they seemed more amazing.  That giant slab of a tree.  That huge whale that still scares me a little bit.  The rocks and the gems--the room still smells the same.  And its entrance is pretty grand.

On a bench nearby, we ate some peanuts and left the shells.  <3 LVP

Especially helpful are the walls of the subway stop, letting you know that the museum is near:
Hyenas: because why not be a horrible animal?
In addition to the regular exhibits, however, their special exhibits intrigue with new ideas. Recently, they had an exhibit on spiders.  I did not need to see that, and neither did S.  We decided on the The Power Of Poison, which was fantastic, especially the portion that dealt with poisons in literature.  She's a fan of Agatha Christie and I like the three witches.  We both liked the apple.

Because going to the city means you can't do just one thing, I found this place:

Apologies to the man on the phone with his mouth open
To top it all off, R met up with S and me to play some Friends trivia at one of three bars that were the basis for the bar in HIMYM.  We lost.  A lot. Which I'd expected because R and I were of very little help to S, who knew most of the answers we got right, though I think I got at least one right.  Something about Monica and mocholate.  I'll call that my shining moment.  Aside from me and the witches.  That was pretty cool.

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