Friday, November 1, 2013

You Want Free? I Got Free

This month, the mail made me happy. 

Free to give away to someone else for free.  Do people really tweet at Kotex?

With these, we saw Captain Phillips.

Turns shower time into Fairy Tale time.

Sometimes free is dangerous as in I was shaking all day after drinking this.

This did not smell good. 

Yummy.  And no shakes.

 The cold brew Keurig stuff has me puzzled. You brew it in the machine, so it comes out hot.  You pour it into a cup that's filled with ice.  Somehow this is supposed to make it cold.  It doesn't.  Only the sips you take that crowd around the ice cubes are cold, but the rest streams around the cube hot, so it's cold/hot.  Then the next few cups of coffee taste like ass. The box suggests you run water through the machine once before and once after, but I suggest you do it once times one hundred.

Ah, Jordan Catalano
There's more on the horizon.  I can feel it.

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