Sunday, October 13, 2013

Should Have Called It Blood and Torture and More Blood

Saw the commercials. Saw two interviews. Heard the buzz. I knew Prisoners would be a psychological suspenseful thriller of a movie. I did not expect I'd be watching the movie by half-watching, cringing, and watching S completely hide her face from the screen and practically climb behind R for ten minutes at a time. There's graphic and then there's graphic. As much as Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal want to stress how it's really about how far you'd go to protect your loved ones and how much the mind struggles with itself, it's still about icky things that are beyond disturbing. A gal could use a warning beforehand.

Not sure what I mean? Okay, during one scene, the detective goes into the house of one of the weird guys and finds all these locked totes. S covers her face completely. I look at the bottom of the movie screen so I can kind of see the movement without actually watching what's on the screen and I half watch Eddie as if I can figure out what's going on through him. The detective starts to bang at the locks and slowly opens the tote. Everyone in the theatre yelps. S starts cracking up because she's watching everyone's reaction. I turn to her and say, Snakes. She laughs at me. I say, Just don't look for the next fifteen minutes.

Also, to the movie theatres showing Prisoners: do not hand out the snack packs that have the maze on the bottom for those who are seeing this film. That shit ain't right.

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