Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On The Streets Of The Bronx, Arthur Avenue In Particular

Family trip! I piled my parents into my car so we could all pile into my brother's car so we could all have a tour of Arthur Avenue, aka my mom's old neighborhood.  Lots of the neighborhood has changed, we learned, as my mom pointed at buildings and told us what used to be there.
There were things that were the same, though, like street signs and the church.

Then there were the things that used to be there and are still there but are slightly different.  The market used to be huge and open-air.  Now it's small and enclosed.

And this guy is there.
We did what you do in an Italian neighborhood.  We ate.  When we walked in, I felt transported into some old Italian grandmother's basement.  My mom talked to the owner who told her she did a nice thing by bringing her family back to the neighborhood.  The food was very good (and very salty--I drank maybe two gallons of water when I got home).

Then it was time for dessert.  Cannoli and cappuccino at the little dessert shop.

But where's the dessert?

Already eaten
The best part of the tour was seeing my mom's old house.  Like where she actually lived.

And, of course, the signage.

Is this sign really necessary?

The parting gift was good bread.  Like really good bread.

And the family time.  That was good too.
I suppose we should pretend I'm the piano since I don't actually appear in this picture.

Next stop?  Yorkville.

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