Thursday, August 16, 2012

Go Ahead And Ask

I've lost count of how many times people asked me, How's married life?  My answer at first had been, Pretty much the same as non-married life.  Now I respond with, Simply wonderful!  Really, that's a kind of intimate question, and I don't know what people are expecting the answer to be.  In my second year of marriage, if people keep asking, I'm going to start making up stories about how it's really horrible or I'll say I don't remember since the divorce.  Heh heh. I like screwing with people who ask questions they shouldn't be asking.

Eddie and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with food and games.  We watched the Olympic Closing Ceremonies on DVR.  We ate lunch together.  We went to our first Yankee Game together.  The Yankees won.  The tickets were free.  It was a good game.  What made it even better was that practically everyone who was sitting near us decided to go sit somewhere else, so we had a whole row--the last row in section 408--to ourselves.  We did the wave several times, too.

Probably the best part--aside from being in love and celebrating our marriage--was the parking.  We pulled into a small lot across from the stadium.  Eddie paid the guy.  The guy said, Back into that corner over there.  Eddie said, Sure thing, and I burst out laughing and said, Good thing I'm not driving because I would have told him to back it in for me.  Eddie said, I was thinking the same thing!  We got a good laugh and came up with different scenarios of how I would park.

Now this little tidbit may be absolutely boring to anyone else, but to me and Eddie, it means everything.  That's how married life is.  Maybe I'll just tell people this story so I can see them put on their nicest fake smile, knowing it's not even a "you had to be there" story, but a "me and Eddie" story that no one could really truly get.

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